Follow Your Courageous Heart   

A 90-Day Journey Beyond Fear to Fulfillment

Begin Living a Life You Love From Your Heart with Dr. Davina Kotulski

Are you Ready to Move Beyond Fear to Fulfillment over the next 90 Days?

Dr. Davina Kotulski can show you how to listen to your heart, get clear on what really matters and find the courage to go after your dreams.

Dr. Davina Kotulski has always believed that people deserve to live an authentic life that honors their values, passions, talents, and strengths.  She has spent the last 20+ years helping people to call forth their highest and best selves and supporting them through the discovery of their full range of abilities and personal power.  In this 90-Day Program, Dr. Davina will work with you to explore how you can move beyond your own fears and design a more fulfilling life that is completely authentic to your values. 

Follow Your Courageous Heart: A 90-Day Journey Beyond Fear to Fulfillment

In this Program You Will:

  • Listen to Your Heart and It’s Calling
  •  Find your voice and speak from your truth
  • Understand the difference between the call of the heart and the drive of the mind
  • Access the wisdom of your heart
  • Get clear on your heart's desires
  • Envision what living from your heart would look like
  • Build your courage and strengthen your heart muscles with daily exercises
  • Gain valuable tools and resources to sustain you on your journey beyond fear to fulfillment
  • Learn my Alchemical Formula to turn your heart’s desires into gold!
  • Begin living a life you love from your heart!

Follow Your Courageous Heart:
A 90-Day Journey Beyond Fear to Fulfillment 

With Dr. Davina Kotulski

Here's What's Included in this Life-Changing Program:

  1. Worksheets:  use exercises, tools and resources to guide you on your journey to greater fulfillment
  2. Facebook Courage Community:  a safe space to connect, ask questions and share thoughts and ideas with like-minded participants
  3. 8 Live Classes: 90 minute interactive, live classes led by Dr. Davina Kotulski. Classes include; teachings, group exercises and coaching, optional check-ins, partner-shares, and spotlight coaching. You choose your level of participation.
  4. 8 Recordings: You'll also receive 8 recordings of the classes to download and listen to at your convenience, as often as you like.
  5. Special Bonuses
  6. 25% off: any purchase of one on one Coaching Packages during the 90 Day Program.

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Investment:  $497

Next 90 Day Program Begins Tues ​June 26th, 6:00 PM PST


See what some of Dr. Davina's clients have to say:

"Davina is absolutely wonderful. Inspiring, thoughtful, kind, funny, wise..."
PAUL BARTHOLOMEW Actor and Voice of the Ellen DeGeneres Show. Woodland Hills, CA

“I am so happy to be working with Davina!"

"She is very positive and approachable and anyone would feel comfortable to reveal the details of whatever might be gnawing at them. This is true because I really don’t like opening up; maybe I should say didn’t like. Davina’s calm knowledge helps me to tackle obstacles I had written off as too difficult, too far out of my reach, or just issues that aren’t pretty! Lol. It’s felt so good and freeing to be able to identify what’s holding me back and then change that. I have experienced therapists and specialists in the past but not like Davina. After our sessions I see a pathway with many directions and I feel inspired and like the fire has been lit under my butt! It’s a true life path healing! I now feel more energized and optimistic. My personal relationships have grown and my professional life has exploded with potential. Do yourself a favor and check her out as I know my words can’t do her services justice! I have recommended her to all my best friends too.” 

sarah a. North Hollywood, CA

“Davina is the most empathetic and intuitive person I’ve ever had the privilege to know!"

If you’re feeling pulled to work with someone who really listens and takes the time to understand your unique goals and struggles, look no further. Davina sees the truth. We’ve dealt with things that can be difficult to talk through (i.e. that four letter word…FEAR) she has a lighthearted sense of humor that always puts me at ease. I first worked with Davina back in 2011 while I was in a very transitional period. She helped me navigate through the negative beliefs and crutches that had been holding me back. My outlook truly transformed for the better after our time together and I’d often think back on our conversations if I ever started feeling those negative beliefs creeping up again. Fast forward to the present…a few months ago I felt called to make some big moves in my life and Davina immediately came into my mind as the person I wanted to coach me through it. I have taken large steps toward pursuing my dreams thanks to her guidance. What she’s given me is priceless.

  KRISTINa San Francisco, CA

"I ​will forever be grateful for the very talented Dr. Davina Kotulski."

​There is no greater gift you can give yourself than to accept the tools to live a more whole and courageous life. The Follow Your Courageous Heart course gave me those tools. After losing my thirty-year job I was paralyzed with self-doubt and the daunting thought of what do I do now. With the loving direction from Davina, the materials she provided, and group exercises I was able to break free from self-doubt and internal judgment.  Needless to say, this course had a huge impact in my life, and I will forever be grateful for the very talented Dr. Davina Kotulski. Thank you for such an amazing course!"

  ​GAYLA San Marino, CA

"Davina is Phenomenal!"

"She was absolutely professional, kind, generous, understanding, funny, down to earth and immensely insightful. This woman has a gift."

​AITCH, A. Monterey Park, CA

Are you Ready?

Register for Follow Your Courageous Heart:  A 90-Day Journey Beyond Fear to Fulfillment

Investment:  $497


is a licensed clinical psychologist, life coach, and nationally known, best-selling author and speaker in the field of LGBT equality. She is passionate about helping people overcome obstacles to make their dreams come true. She has an international life coaching practice, leads teleseminars, live workshops and facilitates online coaching programs on following your courageous heart, spiritual growth, and authentic self-expression.